Strategic Strategies in the Game of Clash Royale

As a beginner to the game of Clash Royale, you need to learn the basic strategies before entering the game. If you are already into the game, you would have realized that you are making slow progress. Hence, just brush up on a few tricks to learn how to build up your resources. Just by learning a few strategies and game plans, you can work through the game quickly. Beginners tend to get stuck at the initial levels and need some help to go ahead fast.

Balance The Units

Clash Royale has to be played systematically. Especially, when you are new to the game and are learning the tricks of the game, make sure that you take a balanced mix in your strategies, when you take units. Strong units cost a lot of elixir, so make use of regenerated and weak units too, so that you don’t have to spend too many of your elixir, but still you can gain a lot. You should not lose your expensive units in the beginning of the game nor should you allow your weak units to face hard battles. Balance the troops between the strong and the weak.

Initial Strategies

When you are in the beginning of the game, make sure that you win your first tower, fast. You can use a giant, as well as the ranged troops to ensure that you win the tower. As you climb up the levels, you can use princely forces. You can send a strong force that is strong in its protective strategies and then you can unleash your troop along with its flight units.

Final Strategy

When your game is drawing to a close, do not panic. Don’t try to put all your units into the game. Make sure that you give protection to you King’s Tower. Protect your own tower. These should be given first priority, before taking any further last minute action.

In-between Strategy

Once your beginning is good and you know how to perform towards the end, concentrate on the middle part of the game. Choose your strategy and accordingly, plan your fighting strategy. If you are using an attacking strategy, you should utilize your attacking units, such as tower-destroying units and the air units. If you are using defensive strategy, you should use the defense towers. Match your units, with the strategy take in the game. Choose the Clash Royale deck in the best combination so that you can win. This deck should keep changing with the level. You can also improve your cards through using gold.

Accumulate Resources

You need to gather gems and elixir to go ahead with the game competitively. You can accumulate them only by gaining more knowledge about the various strategies that can help you through. However, the simplest method is to accumulate gems through cheats and hacks. When you have more quantity of gems you can improve your play of cards or decks. To become a winner, this is one of the basic steps. You can win challenges and get more points to accumulate gems. However, there is an easier method of getting free gems. You can also buy Gems at the AppStore or at the PlayStore. You can also use the website to get unlimited gems. As it is not an online version, there is no necessity to download anything. Hence Clash Royale Cheats are totally safe. The hack has been tested on many Android as well as iOS devices and they have been successful every time. What’s more? You can use the hack any number of times. Anonymity of the person using it is the main reason that users use these hacks, as you are not liable to get into any serious offense.

Enjoy the game and spend your time learning the game with the free Gems that are available. When you choose your cards, choose carefully as your winning strategy starts here. Always watch out for your opponent and take advantage of the game, by understanding your opponent strategy beforehand and planning your strategy accordingly. Once you are assured of free gems, you will learn to be patient and calm. With these gems, you can play more strategic ally and win your opponents easily. Even if you do lose a few rounds, you can learn the game fast, as you have your own weapon. You have the Clash Royale Hack and the Clash Royale Cheat to help you with more gems and elixir to carry you through the entire game successfully.

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