SimCity BuildIt Game: Playing Offline Guide

In the world of gaming SimCity BuildIt is a very common name. If you are a gaming freak, then it’s pretty obvious that you are well aware of this game. SimCity BuildIt is an online urban-planning and city-building game which is developed by Maxis. The game was mainly released for the Microsoft Windows in the year 2013. This is an online multi-player game and is quite popular because it belongs to the SimCity series. Speaking of online games, it’s obvious that an online based cannot be played while being offline. But SimCity BuildIt makes an exception to that and perhaps this best thing about this game. You can play the game of SimCity even when you are offline which means you can continue to play your game even when there is no network or you are at a place where you cannot connect to the servers. But before, you start playing the game in offline mode; there are certain things that you need to know.

Playing SimCity BuildIt Offline

Before you start playing the game of SimCity BuildIt offline, you better know about the following points:

While playing the game offline, the servers do not connect to your device. Therefore, your progress in the game is lost.

During the offline mode of the game, the social features remain disabled and therefore, you cannot visit the cities of your friends. However, Daniel’s Trade Depot will continue to be active even when you are playing the game offline.

The Global HQ and Trade Depot remain inaccessible while playing the game offline. In case if you try to sell the items that were earlier put up for sale in your Trade Depot while playing the game offline, you will get your Simoleons from the simcity buildit hack android only when you come online again.

Make sure you come online from time to time otherwise; you will miss out on all the important updates and bug fixes.

Simcash cannot be bought from the store while playing the game in the offline mode. However, a player can still exchange their SimCash for Simoleons.

Switching devices while playing the game offline can lead to the player losing their data. To be more specific the data is irretrievable.

Reconnecting with the servers is essential in the long run if, the player wants to continue to play the game. Usually, the whole game is not accessible at one go if the player is playing the game offline. At some point, they would have to connect the game online.

Playing a game offline can be benefitting to you in a way that it helps save your data, and also you don’t get affected when there is any network problem. However, the offline mode of the game comes with a few drawbacks that are listed above. So, from next time when you play the game offline make sure that you have all these points in your mind. Or else you will end up losing your progress.

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