Strategic Strategies in the Game of Clash Royale

As a beginner to the game of Clash Royale, you need to learn the basic strategies before entering the game. If you are already into the game, you would have realized that you are making slow progress. Hence, just brush up on a few tricks to learn how to build up your resources. Just by learning a few strategies and game plans, you can work through the game quickly. Beginners tend to get stuck at the initial levels and need some help to go ahead fast.

Balance The Units

Clash Royale has to be played systematically. Especially, when you are new to the game and are learning the tricks of the game, make sure that you take a balanced mix in your strategies, when you take units. Strong units cost a lot of elixir, so make use of regenerated and weak units too, so that you don’t have to spend too many of your elixir, but still you can gain a lot. You should not lose your expensive units in the beginning of the game nor should you allow your weak units to face hard battles. Balance the troops between the strong and the weak.

Initial Strategies

When you are in the beginning of the game, make sure that you win your first tower, fast. You can use a giant, as well as the ranged troops to ensure that you win the tower. As you climb up the levels, you can use princely forces. You can send a strong force that is strong in its protective strategies and then you can unleash your troop along with its flight units.

Final Strategy

When your game is drawing to a close, do not panic. Don’t try to put all your units into the game. Make sure that you give protection to you King’s Tower. Protect your own tower. These should be given first priority, before taking any further last minute action.

In-between Strategy

Once your beginning is good and you know how to perform towards the end, concentrate on the middle part of the game. Choose your strategy and accordingly, plan your fighting strategy. If you are using an attacking strategy, you should utilize your attacking units, such as tower-destroying units and the air units. If you are using defensive strategy, you should use the defense towers. Match your units, with the strategy take in the game. Choose the Clash Royale deck in the best combination so that you can win. This deck should keep changing with the level. You can also improve your cards through using gold.

Accumulate Resources

You need to gather gems and elixir to go ahead with the game competitively. You can accumulate them only by gaining more knowledge about the various strategies that can help you through. However, the simplest method is to accumulate gems through cheats and hacks. When you have more quantity of gems you can improve your play of cards or decks. To become a winner, this is one of the basic steps. You can win challenges and get more points to accumulate gems. However, there is an easier method of getting free gems. You can also buy Gems at the AppStore or at the PlayStore. You can also use the website to get unlimited gems. As it is not an online version, there is no necessity to download anything. Hence Clash Royale Cheats are totally safe. The hack has been tested on many Android as well as iOS devices and they have been successful every time. What’s more? You can use the hack any number of times. Anonymity of the person using it is the main reason that users use these hacks, as you are not liable to get into any serious offense.

Enjoy the game and spend your time learning the game with the free Gems that are available. When you choose your cards, choose carefully as your winning strategy starts here. Always watch out for your opponent and take advantage of the game, by understanding your opponent strategy beforehand and planning your strategy accordingly. Once you are assured of free gems, you will learn to be patient and calm. With these gems, you can play more strategic ally and win your opponents easily. Even if you do lose a few rounds, you can learn the game fast, as you have your own weapon. You have the Clash Royale Hack and the Clash Royale Cheat to help you with more gems and elixir to carry you through the entire game successfully.

The Best Free Online Game Websites

There’s quite a few websites about nowadays with half a dozen games on, and not much else. There’s also quite a few with hidden costs, where you need to pay to access some features. Some are fairly reasonable, like Pogo Games, which charges a nominal annual fee for full access to all its games, and has dozens of games which require no purchase at all. Nevertheless, the point of this article is to point the reader towards solely free sites, so I shall list a few of the more popular ones. – A reasonably new site, where games are designed and submitted by the players. Completely free, and currently offering 5,172 games as of time of writing. The quality of said games is hugely variable, as might be expected; there are some truly awful attempts, but these are easily counterbalanced by the excellent ones. Users can submit comments and ratings on the game, and games can be searched as such. Badges and collectibles are winnable on select games. – As you might expect, Yahoo’s games site has been around for some years, and has a large family of games associated with it. Users can sign in with their Yahoo accounts, or simply play as guests. The games are generally of excellent quality, though there is a lot less to pick from than some others. Downloadable games are available for purchase, though all web-based games are free. – Part of the larger Newgrounds website, which hosts a variety of videos, flash animations and so forth, this is the specific games section of the site. Like Kongregate, games are user submitted, and share the same problem of variable quality because of it. Again, though, there are hundreds of excellent examples, and again, games are rated by users, making it easier to sort the wheat from the chaff. A slight caveat: Newsgrounds tends to have a certain amount of R-Rated material that would be unsuitable for minors or people with no sense of humour. – Another relatively new site with some unique games available. The site tends to be rather full of advertisements, but anyone seriously wanting to play games online should look into using Firefox as a browser if they aren’t already, and installing the Adblock Plus addon. Problem solved. – Long established site, which really is a front for selling its full downloadable versions of the games on the site. Still, the games are fully available to play on the web, and there’s no obligation to buy anything.

Have the happy Boom Beach gameplay with hacks

When it comes to the popular video game from the leading mobile gaming app developer called Supercell, nobody can avoid a choice of playing the boom beach game. Like other Supercell video games, you will also get some of the in-app purchases in this boom beach but you can easily hide it using the given settings when you don’t necessary to have it in your game play. First of all, the players have to clearly plan your game play and leave in the defeat to fight against the players in the opponent team.

Most of the beginners are really very struggling about generating the unlimited numbers of gold, wood and diamonds resources. Those who are willing to earn unlimited resources for your boom beach game play account can go for the Boom Beach hack tool on the web. Through the simple but effective hacking process, one can surely able to earn your desired amounts of gaming resources instantly with no more efforts.

Features of boom beach game:

The following are the best and effective features of the boom beach game which will be highly beneficial to enjoy your game play.

  • All the players can surely able to play with millions of other players as it is the massively multiplayer online game. At the same time, you will be allowed to raid the hundreds of enemy bases for the loot.
  • You can battle for the complete control of the important resources to upgrade your game base against the attacks from the enemy sides.
  • As the player, you have to face the fearsome blackguard bosses and also uncover the evil plans for the successful game play.

Hack tool for boom beach game:

All the players of the boom beach strategy game would be highly recommended using the Boom Beach cheats which are licensed, authentic and highly reliable in the gaming industry. Don’t go for the unreliable hacking tools because there is a danger to get banned of your boom beach gaming account. Furthermore, you don’t be allowed to play this game again through the mobile platform. This is why it is highly recommended checking the license of your hack tool along with the anti-ban property.

The boom beach game hack tool with the anti-ban system would be highly advantageous to totally hide your hacking process to safeguard your gaming account from the developer. By this way, you will have secured hacking process with unlimited resources on your account.

Get unlimited coins in super Mario run game

Super Mario run is the upcoming auto runner platformer and side scrolling game which is developed by the Nintendo. Basically this game is compatible for all mobile platforms which are including android and iOS devices. In a modern world, most of the players are interested to play this game because of gameplay. When it comes to the gameplay of this game then player controls Mario. This game is consisting of wonderful gameplay and most of the players are interested to play this game. In case you are willing to jump the Mario then you have to tap the touch screen.

Amazing features of super Mario run game

If you are nineteenth century kid then you might be heard about super Mario game and it is the most popular across the world. In a modern world technology has developed a lot so you can play this game at your device. If you are looking to jump Mario in high level then you have to long press the screen. One of the main advantages of this game then it is available in all mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone, and smartphone. If you are planning to win this game then it is quiet difficult job because players have to use their real world currency. Unfortunately most of the players are not interested to spend their money at game. So if you are looking to play this game without spending your real world currency then super mario run coins hack is the perfect choice. Players no need to spend their hard earned money because this kind of hack tools are comes with free of cost. It is also designed with secured server so your information secured at server.

What are the features of using super mario run hack tool?

There are plenty of super mario run hack tools are available in online but you have to carefully choose the best one. If you are choosing the best hack tool then you can get plenty of benefits such as

  • Players can generate unlimited coins
  • It is comes with free of charge
  • It is providing regular support
  • Automatic updates
  • It is completely safe to use
  • 100% working

As everyone knows it is the side scrolling game and as a name suggests this game is automatically runs from the left to right. But winning is quiet difficult in this game so if you are planning to win this game without spending your money then hack is the best choice. There are plenty of sites are offered this tool at their official site so you have to carefully choose the best one. While choosing the hack tool you have to consider whether the hack tools are contains spyware or malware. In case you are choosing the tool along with virus then it is harmful to your device. So try to choose the best hack tool to increase your resources and it is completely safe and eases to use so choose the best hack tool.

Benefits of using hay day hacking tool

Most of the people are interested to play the unique gameplay games and if you are looking to play the unique game then hay day is the best choice. When it comes to the gameplay of this game then the player’s uncle is struggling with take care of their farm. So he will give this farm to the players and players have to take care of the uncle farm. Basically this game is tarts with the scarecrow to teach the players about harvesting the wheat. As well as players have to do the below activities such as

  • Players have to sell their goods and earn the coins.
  • With the help of coins they have to buy the decoration items and buildings.
  • Experience points.


So above are really helpful to the players to move on to the next level and players have to form the neighborhoods. If you are forming the neighborhood then you can use the chat function and you can also sell your goods to your neighbor.

Purpose of hay day hacking tool

Hay day is the amazing management game and players can also know about how to harvest the wheat and how to communicate with people. But this game is designed with difficult level so if you are planning to win this game then hay day hack might be the perfect choice. This game is having below new things such as

  • Halloween theme
  • Halloween costumes for the farm animal.
  • Supernatural fog on your areas.
  • Halloween event.

Most of the people are showing interest on know about next level obstacles but of you are struggle with any level then it could not possible to win a game. According to this game if you are having coins then you can move on next level. So hacking is the best way to win this game and hacking tools are available in online for free of cost.

Step by step instructions to use the hay day hack tool

Most of the people are not having knowledge for using the tool but if you are following the below steps then you can easily win this game such as

  • Download the hay day hack
  • Try to connect the android or iOS device to this tool.
  • Select the features and enter the desired amount of coins and diamonds which you want to win this game.
  • Click the patch button to get the automatic updates.

Wait for a while for updating your desired resources to the game account and there are plenty of hacking tools are available in online so choose the best one to win this game. If you are choosing the secured websites to download the hacking tool, we recommend Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds then it might not having virus or other malicious code. So before choosing the hacking tool read the instructions carefully and checks whether it is having proxy or privacy settings. If a tool has the proxy settings then you can use the tool without doubt because it is scripted by free from virus.

Crazy Clash of Clans Halloween Update

Clash of Clans is among the popular gaming apps today with millions playing it on an hourly basis. Therefore it’s natural that once someone plays it long enough, they will find some openings ( or simply doorways) to get to simpler solutions to get to different things, which they would otherwise not get or which would otherwise take long months to get, if ever. In this piece, I thought to build up a list on what sort of  hacks exist out there with a basic description as to how you can get these.

Clash of Clans has become one of the most successful online/mobile strategic games ever. Why is that?

  • It’s very addictive: you have tons of options here to build, to defend, to have your own character
  • It’s for free:  you can download it on iOS and Android for free. You can even play it on your desktop.
  • It can be played in single-player and multi-player versions
  • It offers great prizes and you can do tons with these: clash of clans free gems , gold and elixir all help you achieve all the more.

So why do people need hacks?  Because gems go out so fast (especially gems) and you can only get these for paying real money. And that’s what simply most people want to avoid. Most hacks concentrate on offering unlimited or a much higher than normal amount of gems.

So, how to get around the general rules in this case?

As iOS and Android both work by ways of apps and hacks are extremely difficult to pack into those, the general way is to either download the hack straight from a website or by way of torrenting it. Torrents are preferable because they mostly contain a complete list of instructions which dummies can understand too.

 The downloadable hack:

  • Download and unzip the program ( have it scanned by a good anti-virus though)
  • After downloading the program, you will be given the chance to connect your device
  • Then, you will be asked to select the hack of your choice ( gems, gold, elixir and coins)
  • Select „ Hack’
  • This should add the chosen items to the game
  • After this is done, disconnect the portable device from the PC.
  • You can reconnect next time you need another hack you will need to start over with the running of the program again.
  • Once you disconnect, restart your Desktop for the cleaner closure.

The online hack:

  • There are specific pages offering you online hacks. If you are lucky they offer these for free.
  • All you need is add your gaming username and state the number of goodie you would like to acquire.

The hack available on iTunes: indeed there are hacks to this game with some explanation and more guidelines that will not only teach you how to gain more but will also actually present you for downloading them.

I hope this will help you go ahead and look for pages offering legit good hacks for you to be able to further enjoy this fun game.

Advantage of using dragon city hack tool

If you are having facebook account then you might be heard about dragon city game because this game is launched in facebook. In this game there are several types of dragons are referenced in the real life like

  • Believer dragon
  • Wrecking dragon
  • Lady dragon
  • Umbrella dragon

Typically this kind of dragons are appears in the dragon idol island and other kind of dragons are from throne island. When it comes to the event battles which is really helpful to the players to get more dragons.


Amazing features of dragon city game

Dragon city is the amazing game and players can play this game in facebook, this game also compatible for all mobile platforms. In this game you have to train your dragon and you can show off your strength to other players. This game is designed with the fantastic features such as

  • Players can get unlimited fun because this game is having thousands of missions.
  • You can also send the gifts to your friends to visit their islands.
  • In a dragon city game players can get the full collection because this game is having 100 different type of dragon.
  • Try to build the magical city so other players will get jealous about your buildings.
  • Combine and breed the ten different types of dragons so you can get the power of hybrid dragons.

So above are the amazing features of dragon city game and players can get the plenty of advantage in a dragon city game. But winning is more difficult in this game because you have to use the real world currency to win this game. As well as no one is ready to spend their real world currency in dragon city game. So if you are looking to win a game without spending hard earned currency then dragon city gems hack is the best one.

How to use the dragon city hacking tool

Mostly people are playing game just for fun but the level goes up then they are looking to win this game. But if you are looking to win a dragon city game then it might be the difficult because you have to use the real world currency to win this game. Suppose you are looking to play this game without spending money then dragon city hack is really helpful to the players. Actually it is hacking tool which is really helpful to the people to get the unlimited amount of gems and gold. But most of the people are not aware of using the hacking tool, in case you are also belong to this then you can follow the below instructions such as

  • Download the dragon city hack tool to your device.
  • Once you finish the installation then type your username which is same to your facebook account.
  • Wait for a minute until it is asks for your desired amount of gems and gold.
  • Add the desired amount gem and gold at your account.
  • Enter the unique activation code.
  • Click “submit” button.

Once you finished this process then you can get your desired amount of gems and gold so you can easily win this game.

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