Mugen Game: SF 2 NES

Street Fighter 2 NES is a revisition to an old pirated Nintendo Entertainment System game titled Street Fighter 3. Instead of being a downgraded version of SF 3, it was actually a downgraded version of Street fighter 2.
Don’t know why pirated video games have fradulant titles, they just do. SF3 NES was a piss poorattempt to post an arcade classic to older hardware. SF 2 NES recafies this by correcting and adding game play elements.

Roster:Every character from the original Street Fighter 2, sans Zangief. The Red Cyclone won’t be missed though. Final Fight’s Mike Haggar and Street Fighter running gag Sheng Long appear as playable characters in this game.

SF 2 NES has a gameplay system that’s like a mix between SF 2 and the Alpha series. Gameplay overall is not at still as SF 2(that’s a good thing), and there is a super combo meter. Each character has at least one level three super.

Aside from Great special effects, new attacks, fun game play and the oppertunity to defeat Sheng Long to see if you really can stand a chance, there isn’t much different from the original. The pirate game blows, this version is pretty good.

Street Fighter 2 NES

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