Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Game Review

Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker’s story takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, the player plays as “Naked Snake”. Trouble happens when a man asks for assistance with the CIA while Snake had left the U.S. after murdering his mentor, and reconsiders after receiving news that his mentor is still alive.
The PSP is known to produce many great games and the Metal Gear series are definitely part of that category. The new installment to the series is no different, the gameplay, sound track, graphics along with the excellent Metal Gear storyline all put together to create an experience you’ll never forget. What really “amazed” when I first played the game was that the developers were able to improve the game to such a degree with the PSP’s limited hardware, I was so amazed that I thought I was playing a PS3 level game for a few minutes. Not only were those features improved but the developers even found a way to enhance the feel of the game as you go deeper into the story such as new control sets and great camera angles which are very handy when dealing with those tough scenarios.

Now you may remember from Portable Ops (Previous game) that you are able to recruit soldiers, and in Peace walkers the developers have chosen to keep that feature which is an excellent choice because they are not only adding more features to the game but they remember to keep the old features in for players to feel nostalgic.
Another thing I really like about this game is the new Close quarter combat system they recently implemented, you can now simply assign a button that correspond to it, the developers have also chosen to allow for more player freedom by allowing you to modify your weapons for better stats.

Now onto my favorite part of the game, as I will go more in depth about the choice of sound in this game, all the sounds especially the weapons sound very realistic, the background sound really puts the player into the mood intended by the game developers, and with headphones you are able to feel yourself inside the “Metal Gear” world and enhance your experience drastically.

I really suggest you go down to your local Walmart, Best Buy, or whichever store is most convenient and pick up a copy of this game for around $30. The great storyline, great new and old features will surely drag you into this game and create an experience you will never forget.

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