A beginner’s guide on mobile legends

For the newbies, it is not very easy to understand the mobile Legend game. But this guides which will help you to understand the entire world of this game and how to be a professional on this game. You can easily play this game on your Android or iOS devices and here in this article when will get the idea of basic mechanism and the map of this game.

Mobile legends is a MOBA and were developed as well as published by Moontoon. This game is excellent and has a lot of spells and characters that will keep you engaged and hooked up to this game for long hours.

A guide on mobile legends

In this game, you will have to learn and understand the map properly because it is a very crucial thing in this game. There are three things on which your entire focus should be and these are the Jungle, sub-bosses and the lanes.

Lanes are considered to be the only part that can lead players to their enemy base. When you will view the map you can find that there are three lanes which are named as top, middle and the bottom and just like the names their locations will be. The creeps or minions will be spawned on a daily basis and they will attack all the turrets which are present on the lanes. So the main objective of the player will be to defeat the enemy by destroying their base and hence destroying that turrets are very important. So you will need to wait for the creeps to be born and then you will have to do the planning accordingly. So a plan should be proper because you will also need to fight the enemy heroes which will be present on the lanes. And every lane will come with their specific role as the fighters will your top lane, assassins will use the middle lane and the mages and tanks will use the bottom line.

Between the lanes, you can find an area which will be known as the jungle. This jungle will not only help you to access the other lane but will also help you to spot the excellent places for farming the gold. So you won’t feel the need for returning back to your base or to change the lanes or houses and will also provide you with many bonuses, especially if you use mobile legends cheats. If you want to perform any surprise attack then jungle will provide the best cover. So with the advancing levels of the game, you will have to face more dangerous enemies.

These are the few things which a player needs to keep in mind when they are beginning with this game. In this game, you will notice different types of opponents anytime so be prepared for it. Selecting the right character is very important because every character comes with their own specific features. If you upgrade a particular character to the highest level then it can do wonders and can even save you from the situation where the people will eventually accept their fate.

Prototype: It Doesn’t Look Pretty, but It’s Still Great Fun

Prototype is a third person action game released by Activision in 2009 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. The game centers around Alex Mercer, a man who is desperately trying to figure out his past. The game centers around the cliche amnesia plot device, but still manages to be ridiculously fun.

The game is similar to a lot of free-roaming superhero games, including almost all of the Spiderman games and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, the latter on which Prototype’s engine is based. So while the gameplay itself isn’t original, it’s still a ball. In most games like this, there is a limit on how much havoc a character can create. Alex Mercer has no reservations about killing and absorbing innocent people, which actually adds an entirely new dimension to the game: you can absorb enemies even neutral bystanders. By absorbing the enemies you might open up a web of intrigue, which progresses the story, or just gain health.

Another stand-out of Prototype is the ability to shapeshift. Mercer can take on the form of the last person he absorbed and he is also able to unlock a myraid of powers and upgrades using evolution points, which are gained form defeating enemies and completing missions. If you think completing missions is lame and would rather just destroy everything in sight, then that’s fine because ample points can be gained both ways. That said, the infection spreads further as the story progresses, so that increases military and zombie presence (giving Mercer more things to kill).

There are several reasons to pick Prototype off the shelf. First, the game offers the player so many ways to kill opponents that it never really gets old, and although some upgrades are much more effective than others, all of them can be used against pretty much any foe. If you want to run around in Guyver armor with a giant arm blade, elbowing dropping onto takes and civilians, then you are free to do so. Or you can forfeit the armor and use your increases speed to jump across buildings and outrun helicopters, while flinging around an organic whip that is almost similar to something found on the super villain Carnage from the Spiderman franchise.

That said, the game is not perfect, or even close. The graphics and draw distance are very uninspired, which makes the game much less immersive. There is also the inability to destroy most buildings – you can drive around in a tank that’s able to level an enemy base in a single shot, but it’s somehow only effective on said enemy bases. It won’t destroy any buildings of similar size or cause any noticable damage. Even scorch marks are missing. There’s also the annoyance of enemy helicopters, especially late in the game. They carry homing missiles that can be annoying, espcially since they keep flinging you into the air and can be utterly relentless.

Why Left 4 Dead 2 is Hated

Left 4 Dead 2 will be one of the most popular games this holiday season when it comes out on the PC and Xbox 360. However, a select group of gamers won’t be looking forward to the sequel to one of the best games last year. Left 4 Dead 2 doesn’t sit too well with them. Here are a few reasons why some gamers are dreading the release of Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC and Xbox 360.
Lack of Content in First Game
Despite being one of the best games released in 2008, Left 4 Dead did come with some flaws. The biggest of which is the lack of content with only four playable campaigns. While the game contains high-replayability thanks to the Director system and numerous difficulties, gamers wanted more from the first game.

In fact, Left 4 Dead shipped as an incomplete game as two of the campaigns in versus mode were missing. Fortunately, developer Valve later patched it in the game. Still, the first game needs plenty of content. Unfortunately, Valve is now putting much of their efforts on Left 4 Dead 2 for the PC and Xbox 360. This is frustrating to fans of award-winning company as their other top-notch multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, regularly receives free upgrades and enhancements.

Lack of Significant Upgrades
For some, Left 4 Dead 2 is nothing more than an expansion pack to the first game. The sequel offers five brand new campaigns, an expanded Director system, new melee weapon and a mystery new mode. However, the core gameplay remains essentially unchanged from Left 4 Dead to Left 4 Dead 2. Because of the small improvements, many fans of the series don’t feel that the sequel is worth the full price of admission.

Too Soon
Because of the above reasons, many gamers felt that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out too soon. The original Left 4 Dead on the PC and Xbox 360 was released in late November in 2008. The sequel would arrive exactly a year later. Many gamers feel that one year is too short for a proper sequel to be produced.

Ironically, Valve is known for taking their time with developing their video games. Even the sequels take years to developed as Valve wants to polish their product as much as possible. So it is uncharacteristic for them to release a sequel so soon for Left 4 Dead.

Even with all the negativity, Left 4 Dead is still widely popular. It just isn’t as highly-anticipated as it should be.

SimCity BuildIt Game: Playing Offline Guide

In the world of gaming SimCity BuildIt is a very common name. If you are a gaming freak, then it’s pretty obvious that you are well aware of this game. SimCity BuildIt is an online urban-planning and city-building game which is developed by Maxis. The game was mainly released for the Microsoft Windows in the year 2013. This is an online multi-player game and is quite popular because it belongs to the SimCity series. Speaking of online games, it’s obvious that an online based cannot be played while being offline. But SimCity BuildIt makes an exception to that and perhaps this best thing about this game. You can play the game of SimCity even when you are offline which means you can continue to play your game even when there is no network or you are at a place where you cannot connect to the servers. But before, you start playing the game in offline mode; there are certain things that you need to know.

Playing SimCity BuildIt Offline

Before you start playing the game of SimCity BuildIt offline, you better know about the following points:

While playing the game offline, the servers do not connect to your device. Therefore, your progress in the game is lost.

During the offline mode of the game, the social features remain disabled and therefore, you cannot visit the cities of your friends. However, Daniel’s Trade Depot will continue to be active even when you are playing the game offline.

The Global HQ and Trade Depot remain inaccessible while playing the game offline. In case if you try to sell the items that were earlier put up for sale in your Trade Depot while playing the game offline, you will get your Simoleons from the simcity buildit hack android only when you come online again.

Make sure you come online from time to time otherwise; you will miss out on all the important updates and bug fixes.

Simcash cannot be bought from the store while playing the game in the offline mode. However, a player can still exchange their SimCash for Simoleons.

Switching devices while playing the game offline can lead to the player losing their data. To be more specific the data is irretrievable.

Reconnecting with the servers is essential in the long run if, the player wants to continue to play the game. Usually, the whole game is not accessible at one go if the player is playing the game offline. At some point, they would have to connect the game online.

Playing a game offline can be benefitting to you in a way that it helps save your data, and also you don’t get affected when there is any network problem. However, the offline mode of the game comes with a few drawbacks that are listed above. So, from next time when you play the game offline make sure that you have all these points in your mind. Or else you will end up losing your progress.

Rules to play the Hay Day Tips

Now there is no need to wait for a long time to get the essential tips for playing the Hay Day, just switching off to the App Store and having the software installed. The players can easily get over to ones iPhone or Android and can easily go for downloading the application. The application comes in free but there are some applications can need to be purchased, and this can make the game run much faster and in an easier way. The main criteria’s that are needed to be kept in mind while playing the game is your affordability and purchasing your requirements according to your availability of bucks. One must choose according to t the buying power and strive in the game according to the terms and conditions of the games.

Know to make money in a faster way

Most of the people want to play these fabulous games only for making a lot of money and is the fastest possible way to make money by gaming. There are various possibilities of money making through the enriching one’s techniques and style. Players can succeed in the game by planting wheat as much as possible and as often on the requirement in any of the available nook or the cranny that the player can afford to purchase. Ones the player starts harvesting; the output can be easily sold off the quantity that is not required. The procedure is a bit boring, but it brings in much money.

Grabbing the Hay Day diamond guide on the way

Hay Day is a game where coins are an essential requirement, but on analyzing the fact, players can get an image that grabbing some diamond in the way. In-app purchase is a good option for buying the diamond packs. There are several other ways to earn heavily while playing the game. To get required help in achieving the quest, players easily get hold of the diamonds to excel with the scores.

Tips available in Newspaper for playing Happy Day

Newspapers are a super essential feature that can serve as a great material to make the player acquire much more money and you can easily succeed upon young fellow competitors and players. You would easily get a handful of 5 for 400 newspaper sale for gathering all the equipment required for construction of various construction good and dynamite. Even individual selling is also appreciated for making a markup. There comes a situation like this that the player gets people around him who want to buy his products and goods to at a rate quite unreasonable. The game must be maintained in a professional way otherwise the player needs to sell out things that are priced at a much lower rate.

Regulating the ideas within the game

The Hay Day creator has thought about making a realistic approach and building a natural flux of a perfect string of demand and supply, which needs to balance in the game throughout the series. The players need to analyze, and the follow rule of market mechanism that to sell products when there is high demand and the supply is low and buy the goods and products when there are low demand and high rate of supply. The procedure must be followed religiously to proceed with the game.

Players can go for planting crop

Planting crop is a good decision; especially the players can go for yielding crops that take a long time to get harvested. The planting must be done at a stretch when the player would take a glimpse of the game. It’s better to avoid easy staple crops like cor

Clash Royale Hack- the need of every beginner player today!

Clash Royale Hack today is generally the most promising tool that every individual desire off. With this amazing instrument, you can easily get through the various challenging levels that you want. As numerous players are now using this tool, as a beginner, you may also need to make the use of it in order to hike up in the game. Through this tool, you can instantly win up against the excellent players and can certainly attain greater ranks on the global leader board. But, are you aware of the ways to choose the perfect site for getting your hacks? Clash Royale Hack could be really beneficial, but only if you get it through a reliable platform.

How and where to get your Clash Royale cheats from?

Well, to generate the hacks, every website comes with unique alternatives. People usually have no idea about how a particular website could differ from another. Thus they fall for wrong claims and lose their money. If you want to be an efficient user, then you definitely need to get the right hack in time. There are certain criteria that make one website and their hack tool different from another. So know some of them and get your perfect stack of gems today!

Compare out the prices– Generally, reliable individuals design the Clash Royale Hack providing websites. There, people are authorized to provide the services to their valued customers for free. Thus, in case you visit to a page where hacks are being provided for money, don ever buy them. You are not supposed to shell out your real money for it. And if it’s so, then you can buy the gems through in-app purchases itself, why to get a hack for it? Thus, make sure you get through the website which serves you free of cost.

Compare the number of gems provided- Choosing a hack tool enhance your game play through gems and resources. The treasure chests usually contain gold, elixirs, gems and even the cards that are the fundamental of this game. But who has the time to focus on the chests? If you don’t want to get interrupted by any sort of problem, then getting a hack from a reliable site is must. Check out the site with a large number of chests and then only get the one you want.

Checks out the support program– A lot of websites which are usually fake, do not come up with customer care services. But the ones who are reliable, usually let you get enough instructions, support and even take up your suggestions carefully. So, don’t ever compromise on quality, get your hacks only from that website which can help you with the desired amount of support and time, 24×7, that you wish to have.


Know the customer experience, earlier reviews and ratings- The open reviews, and ratings that every website post on its home page is really an efficient tool to understand the programming of a particular website. The positive reviews and higher ratings posted by the users will definitely help you in analyzing the services of a website. Thus, get your hack from the one with fast services, great quality and less time consumption along with full reviews and ethicality.

Know whether downloading is required or not- It is essential for the users to understand the importance and credibility of a hack tool right through its procedure. The one which is credible will never ask you to download a particular app or APK file to get the hack. It will definitely run in any of the browsers at any point in time. Moreover, the one which has got malicious codes and viruses will definitely ask you to download something. So, don’t ever choose the one who asks for a downloading procedure.

So, these were some of the critical points that you must keep in your mind before generating a hack. Keeping all of these things in mind can not only assist you in generating the hacks free of cost. But they can also keep your account details secured from all sort of suspicion. The best part of Clash Royale Hack is that it comes with a variety of tools, it is free to use and provides you with unlimited gems within minutes. So, get it today.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Game Review

Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker’s story takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, the player plays as “Naked Snake”. Trouble happens when a man asks for assistance with the CIA while Snake had left the U.S. after murdering his mentor, and reconsiders after receiving news that his mentor is still alive.
The PSP is known to produce many great games and the Metal Gear series are definitely part of that category. The new installment to the series is no different, the gameplay, sound track, graphics along with the excellent Metal Gear storyline all put together to create an experience you’ll never forget. What really “amazed” when I first played the game was that the developers were able to improve the game to such a degree with the PSP’s limited hardware, I was so amazed that I thought I was playing a PS3 level game for a few minutes. Not only were those features improved but the developers even found a way to enhance the feel of the game as you go deeper into the story such as new control sets and great camera angles which are very handy when dealing with those tough scenarios.

Now you may remember from Portable Ops (Previous game) that you are able to recruit soldiers, and in Peace walkers the developers have chosen to keep that feature which is an excellent choice because they are not only adding more features to the game but they remember to keep the old features in for players to feel nostalgic.
Another thing I really like about this game is the new Close quarter combat system they recently implemented, you can now simply assign a button that correspond to it, the developers have also chosen to allow for more player freedom by allowing you to modify your weapons for better stats.

Now onto my favorite part of the game, as I will go more in depth about the choice of sound in this game, all the sounds especially the weapons sound very realistic, the background sound really puts the player into the mood intended by the game developers, and with headphones you are able to feel yourself inside the “Metal Gear” world and enhance your experience drastically.

I really suggest you go down to your local Walmart, Best Buy, or whichever store is most convenient and pick up a copy of this game for around $30. The great storyline, great new and old features will surely drag you into this game and create an experience you will never forget.

Beginner’s Guide to Sid Meier’s Pirates! for Wii

If you’ve just purchased Sid Meier’s Pirates! for the Wii, congratulations, you’ve just bought a great strategy game developed by one of the video game industries most reputable designers. However, upon inspection of the manual that comes with the game, you may have noticed that there is nothing provided to get you started other than a description of the Wii remote controls. This article is to help you get started and to explain all those important things the manual doesn’t tell you about.
The game begins with your ship at sea. In the bottom left corner is a round mini map and some icons with numbers next to them. The top icon, a piratey skull and crossbones, represents your fame/notoriety. Beneath that, the guy wearing a green bandanna, is how many pirates are in your crew. One down is the food icon, the number for which represents how many months you can sail with the food you have aboard before you run out. The face beneath that indicates the mood of your crew. It stays that yellowish-green and the smile changes to a frown as morale drops, and then turns red when your crew becomes mutinous.

Food can be obtained buy buying it at port, or of course by stealing it. You ARE a pirate after all. To go into a port, just sail into it. Don’t worry about crashing your boat into ports or beaches, but DO watch out for rocks and rocky shallow areas, which can damage your hull.

The first time I played it was easy to attack a ship but there’s nothing in the manual about how to board it. Simply put, you just crash into it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t damage your hull, and it usually triggers the sword fight mini game. If you have lots of notoriety, have severely damaged their ship, or have killed most of the crew with grape shot, the sword fight may be skipped because they just surrender. Be careful with your cannons though, because sinking a ship means you cant steal their gold, or much of it anyway. Sailing over cargo that falls into the sea during a fight or after a sinking gets you a very small amount of money.

During your pirating adventures you will acquire maps to treasure, lost relatives, and lost cities. In previous incarnations of this game one was able to disembark their ship and travel overland, however in this version, you don’t. This is where your spyglass comes in. Scan the area with your spyglass, and you will notice rocks, pyramids, and Indian statues are named after looking at them. These are the landmarks that appear on your map. Once you use the landmarks to figure out where the X ought to be, scan the area with your spyglass and it should show itself. Sometimes this may require changing your angle or changing your camera view. Once your target appears sail into the shore to trigger the cut scene.

Another common question is how to attack towns. The game will not allow you to attack towns until that country has put out a reward for you, which happens after you prey on their ships a lot. Once this has happened, fortified cities will shoot at you if you sail near them. At that point the “A” for attack will begin to appear. Note that small settlements will not attack you. Be aware that when bombarding a town, shooting at buildings (yellow cross hairs) makes you money, but shoot the defending canon first (red cross hairs) to defend yourself.

One of the main frustrations in the game is sailing in an easterly direction. The wind blows from East to West, so of course sailing into the wind is going to be slow going, but there a couple of things you can do to speed up the process. The first is to do what all sailing ships do in real life, and that is to tack. Sail at about a 45 degree angle and make a zig zag pattern. The other thing you can do is to make a very small boat, such as a pinnace or a war canoe, your flagship. Your whole fleet sails at whatever speed your flagship does, and generally the smaller the ship, the faster it sails into the wind. When you get to where you want to go, you can always change your flagship back to your preferred vessel.

Also, an important note on having a fleet of ships – having more than one ship is an insurance policy against losing a battle. If you are defeated, you are able to flee to another ship instead of getting marooned or going to jail. As a beginner pirate, I recommend always sailing with an escape ship in tow.

If you’re looking for more tips and strategies, I recommend visiting the Addicted to Pirates! fansite and searching their forums. Most of the conversation there is about the PC and Xbox versions of the game, but most of it still applies, and the things that don’t will be obvious to you. You may also find the official forum of 2K Games to be helpful.

I hope this helps. Happy pirating!

Mugen Game: SF 2 NES

Street Fighter 2 NES is a revisition to an old pirated Nintendo Entertainment System game titled Street Fighter 3. Instead of being a downgraded version of SF 3, it was actually a downgraded version of Street fighter 2.
Don’t know why pirated video games have fradulant titles, they just do. SF3 NES was a piss poorattempt to post an arcade classic to older hardware. SF 2 NES recafies this by correcting and adding game play elements.

Roster:Every character from the original Street Fighter 2, sans Zangief. The Red Cyclone won’t be missed though. Final Fight’s Mike Haggar and Street Fighter running gag Sheng Long appear as playable characters in this game.

SF 2 NES has a gameplay system that’s like a mix between SF 2 and the Alpha series. Gameplay overall is not at still as SF 2(that’s a good thing), and there is a super combo meter. Each character has at least one level three super.

Aside from Great special effects, new attacks, fun game play and the oppertunity to defeat Sheng Long to see if you really can stand a chance, there isn’t much different from the original. The pirate game blows, this version is pretty good.

Street Fighter 2 NES

Strategic Strategies in the Game of Clash Royale

As a beginner to the game of Clash Royale, you need to learn the basic strategies before entering the game. If you are already into the game, you would have realized that you are making slow progress. Hence, just brush up on a few tricks to learn how to build up your resources. Just by learning a few strategies and game plans, you can work through the game quickly. Beginners tend to get stuck at the initial levels and need some help to go ahead fast.

Balance The Units

Clash Royale has to be played systematically. Especially, when you are new to the game and are learning the tricks of the game, make sure that you take a balanced mix in your strategies, when you take units. Strong units cost a lot of elixir, so make use of regenerated and weak units too, so that you don’t have to spend too many of your elixir, but still you can gain a lot. You should not lose your expensive units in the beginning of the game nor should you allow your weak units to face hard battles. Balance the troops between the strong and the weak.

Initial Strategies

When you are in the beginning of the game, make sure that you win your first tower, fast. You can use a giant, as well as the ranged troops to ensure that you win the tower. As you climb up the levels, you can use princely forces. You can send a strong force that is strong in its protective strategies and then you can unleash your troop along with its flight units.

Final Strategy

When your game is drawing to a close, do not panic. Don’t try to put all your units into the game. Make sure that you give protection to you King’s Tower. Protect your own tower. These should be given first priority, before taking any further last minute action.

In-between Strategy

Once your beginning is good and you know how to perform towards the end, concentrate on the middle part of the game. Choose your strategy and accordingly, plan your fighting strategy. If you are using an attacking strategy, you should utilize your attacking units, such as tower-destroying units and the air units. If you are using defensive strategy, you should use the defense towers. Match your units, with the strategy take in the game. Choose the Clash Royale deck in the best combination so that you can win. This deck should keep changing with the level. You can also improve your cards through using gold.

Accumulate Resources

You need to gather gems and elixir to go ahead with the game competitively. You can accumulate them only by gaining more knowledge about the various strategies that can help you through. However, the simplest method is to accumulate gems through cheats and hacks. When you have more quantity of gems you can improve your play of cards or decks. To become a winner, this is one of the basic steps. You can win challenges and get more points to accumulate gems. However, there is an easier method of getting free gems. You can also buy Gems at the AppStore or at the PlayStore. You can also use the http://clash4gems.net/ website to get unlimited gems. As it is not an online version, there is no necessity to download anything. Hence Clash Royale Cheats are totally safe. The hack has been tested on many Android as well as iOS devices and they have been successful every time. What’s more? You can use the hack any number of times. Anonymity of the person using it is the main reason that users use these hacks, as you are not liable to get into any serious offense.

Enjoy the game and spend your time learning the game with the free Gems that are available. When you choose your cards, choose carefully as your winning strategy starts here. Always watch out for your opponent and take advantage of the game, by understanding your opponent strategy beforehand and planning your strategy accordingly. Once you are assured of free gems, you will learn to be patient and calm. With these gems, you can play more strategic ally and win your opponents easily. Even if you do lose a few rounds, you can learn the game fast, as you have your own weapon. You have the Clash Royale Hack and the Clash Royale Cheat to help you with more gems and elixir to carry you through the entire game successfully.

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